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Before my work experience at Esker I had no idea what I would be doing or what I should expect. However I have had a really fun and exciting week where I have learned so much about businesses and marketing. What I most enjoyed this week was that I have done a range of different jobs so I now know what I am more interested in for when I leave school.

When I first arrived at Esker on Monday morning when being shown around the office everybody was very warm and welcoming.  After this I looked around Esker’s blog and website to try and understand what Esker do as a company. Then I listened to the Monday morning meeting and watched Esker’s agile way of working, I found this really interesting as we don’t usually do things like this at school and I think it worked well as everyone knew what they would be doing for the week ahead.

I then met with Sam Townsend, the Marketing Manager, and he showed me all of Esker’s solutions and how they could help their customers Quit Paper™. Next I met with the sales team and observed how they find, email and call different leads. Finally I was introduced to the technical services department where they told me how they work and what they do.  I learned a lot on my first day and liked seeing how the different parts of the company work. I was excited to return for the next day.

On Tuesday to start the day I looked at the automation tools used in marketing, the CRM system and the Esker University. I think this really helped me to understand how Esker work with their different customers and what Esker can be used for.

After this I met with Alistair Nicholas, the Managing Director, who told me in more detail about what the marketing, technical services and sales teams do.  After lunch I started a marketing data exercise, this helped me to understand excel more as I have never properly used it at school before so I found this interesting and would like to learn how to use it more in the future.

Wednesday morning I had an introduction to HR and Finance from Samantha Carr, the Financial Manager and did some accounting. Personally I enjoyed this a lot as it showed me how the finance parts of companies work.  In the afternoon I continued the marketing data exercise.

To start with on Thursday morning I did a marketing inventory. After this I went to the On Demand print centre. Throughout the day I watched the printing process, helped with the machines that put the letters into envelopes and put some large letters into envelopes by hand so I could understand what the machines do. Finally we paid for the letters online and placed them into bags or boxes to be collected. I really liked this as it showed another part of Esker’s business.

On Friday I listened in to a meeting with a customer in South Africa. I think that this helped me to see what different customers want and how Esker helps them achieve it. I found it very interesting to see how both companies negotiated with each other to find something they are both happy with.

Written by Abbie – on work experience with Esker UK

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