Aliaxis: achieving Positive-Sum Growth through Order Management automation

There’s more to business than the bottom line. That’s why Esker believes in equipping you with technology that creates positive-sum growth. What is it? Just a fancy way of saying that when your company succeeds, it never happens at the expense of any team, individual or enterprise in your business ecosystem — everyone wins!
Read this blog to learn how Aliaxis Latin America (LATAM) achieved exactly this by automating Order Management with Esker.

What is Positive-Sum Growth?

Esker believes that the growth of a company shouldn’t just be the volume of customers or the money made, it should be looked at with a holistic focus where all shareholders are considered. Let’s look at some of these stakeholders:

  • Your Employees – removing some mundane tasks and allowing for more value added tasks will boost the morale of your employees over time
  • Your Customers – increased efficiency will inevitably ensure your customers are happier which may encourage them to purchase more
  • Your Suppliers – changing suppliers will be in some instances an arduous task, so why not keep them happy in the first place. If your Customer Service Representatives (CSR) are able to do their day to day job more effectively, suppliers needs will be met
  • The Planet and Community – automation will decrease your carbon footprint and an overall busier company will create more jobs for the surrounding community

Meet Aliaxis

Aliaxis are experts in fluid management solutions, creating sustainable, innovative solutions for water and energy. With this in mind, they’re clearly a forward-thinking company. However, they do still have pain points. They were struggling with order management, dealing with around 460,000 manual orders per year. They knew in order to keep their employees motivated with more value-added tasks that they had to find a way to improve efficiency within their orders.

Specific objectives were:

  • To eliminate the time consuming and tedious tasks associated with order management
  • Reduce order entry errors, which would contribute to higher costs and lower productivity for employees
  • Deliver an improved customer experience through digital order management

Aliaxis was motivated to find a digital solution that would expedite the order management process; it was a very tedious job entering orders manually into their ERP business system.

Enter Esker – We pride ourselves on providing technology that promotes positive-sum growth

Companies worldwide have gained the following benefits with Esker’s Order Management solution:

  • Much lower order processing times, as it eliminates the time CSR’s would be using to manually enter details
  • CSRs focus on customers to provide better service and potentially increase sales; as we know that personal touch is what brings customers back
  • Human error is removed, more orders are processed per CSR to allow business growth without more staff, reducing company costs
  • 24/7 control and visibility of team KPIs through user friendly reports and dashboards.

Aliaxis are very happy with the dashboards provided in Esker’s solution. Their large order numbers means that a streamlined situation is ideal for them.

“Thanks to Esker, our customer service personnel have more time to closely monitor orders and provide timely responses to our customers.” Marcela Castillo Ugalde | Regional Business Process Owner, Aliaxis LATAM

Due to the success of the Order Management implementation at Aliaxis, they plan to roll it out to each of the 10 countries in LATAM. The confidence they have in Esker will see them look further into an EDI capability solution too.

Improving and growth may come in different forms, whether that be eliminating mundane tasks where mistakes can often be made, or achieving focus on more meaningful tasks, or to save time and efficiency; it all makes a difference. It has been a ‘win win’ situation for Aliaxis and opened their eyes to more solutions too. Positive-sum growth will permit other subs to grow including a more fulfilled workforce and a happier economic environment.

Sophie Sidhu

Sophie is an Internal Sales Consultant for Esker UK. She has been part of the Esker family since 2022.

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