Rob Cooper

Rob Cooper
Professional Services Consultant

Meet Rob Cooper

  • Sheffield Steelers – I have followed the Sheffield Steelers for many years. I used to be a season ticket holder, and I went to a number of away games in the UK and Europe. To me it’s the skill, the passion and player etiquette that stand out in the sport – it’s not all toothless Canadians fighting.
  • Rugby (England and South Africa) – Another sport where player etiquette stands out on the field. I played whilst at school but prefer to watch now. England and South Africa games are interesting events in the Cooper house.
  • Car Detailing – This is where my OCD kicks in. This is a time away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. The precision and accuracy needed to get a car to its optimal “shininess” can become an obsession.
  • Cooking (including a good braai) – From Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient meals to something a little more complicated from Tom Kerridge, the time cooking is a great way to relax. Ready meals don’t exist in our house. When the summer comes around (for a few days a year) Mrs Cooper starts to request a braai. There are no burnt sausages or burgers in our house.
  • Community First Responder – a recent addition to the list of activities I do. This is about giving something back to the community by helping the Ambulance service and local people in times of need.