One Team Beyond Boundaries: Spotlight on Esker’s Customer Experience Team

Customer Experience

Learn how Esker’s Customer Experience (CX) Team is dedicated to your ongoing success and customer journey

One Team Beyond Boundaries

Recently, I got to spend the week at our corporate headquarters in Lyon with the other Esker worldwide CX Managers. The motto of the week was ‘One Team Beyond Boundaries’, which is an important part of the Esker philosophy.

Due to Covid related travel restrictions, we have been unable to meet face to face and be in the same room for over 2 years, so this week was particularly special. All of Esker’s subsidiaries were represented: Australia, Asia, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, USA and the UK.

Mapping Out the Customer Journey

We had a comprehensive schedule for the week, and made the most of the opportunity to meet, share and collaborate with all of the internal department leads that we work so diligently with on a regular basis. We all form part of our customers’ journey; R&D, Documentation, Training, Support and Marketing teams to name but a few. These sessions gave us the opportunity to listen to their internal and external vision and align our worldwide CX activities and offerings to our customers.

At the end of the week, we had some time to explore the beautiful city of Lyon. I also had time to sit back, reflect and appreciate, that during the week, we had such a wealth of knowledge, expertise and information at our fingertips. We have been able to take this back to action within our subsidiaries.

Underpinning all of this is the global determination of the Esker CX Team, to align our core values and philosophy; to provide an ongoing journey for our customers rather than a single interaction.

Esker’s Customer Experience Promise

Esker is committed to making our customers feel Valued, Understood and Engaged. We will act as a dedicated resource to answer questions and assist in your success using Esker’s solution. We provide you options for engaging with Esker to meet the level of interaction that’s right for you. This is our promise:

Georgina Kershaw

Georgina is the Customer Success Manager at Esker UK. She has been part of the Esker family since 2004.

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