Improving the Customer Experience: How Order-to-Cash Automation Unites Your Most Strategic Teams

In 2014, Walker stated that “By the end of 2020, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.” 1

Now, in 2020, this is certainly the case. Customer experience is the deciding factor for many when choosing whether to renew business with a company. Expectations have changed. Today’s customers simply care more about their experience and the ease with which they can do business with an organisation.


Esker recognises that customer experience is key. Ensuring that customers feel Valued, Understood and Engaged is Esker’s promise to our customers, and our Customer Experience Team was established to carry out this very promise.

There is a real connection between customer experience and company success. Likewise, efficient order-to-cash (O2C) processes are also important. As different teams pursue their own goals and self-interests, what’s best for an organisation as a whole is often put on the back-burner. This is exactly why companies need to rethink traditional O2C processes and focus on the strategic end-goal for all – an improved customer experience. It is important that companies look at the O2C process as a whole (rather than each individual area), so that every team can be a champion of the customer experience. This is starts with having an effective base solution in place.

O2C Automation

O2C automation, spanning processes such as order management and accounts receivable, provides users with a single integrated platform to drive added value and efficiency, allowing:

  • Reduced operational waste
  • Enhanced visibility and accuracy
  • Strengthened business relationships
  • Improved cash flow

Employees may then focus on customers instead of manual tasks, increase processing speed, have improved job satisfaction and respond quicker to customer issues.

5 Teams That Influence the Customer Experience


Order Management
Accuracy is key – manually keying in data can lead to errors and dissatisfaction. Automation means:

  • No more manual data entry
  • Issues resolved quickly and easily
  • Priority orders can be identified
  • Resources can be managed based on metrics
  • Costly errors can be avoided

In order to effectively and successfully conduct business online, manual processes just won’t work. Automation means:

  • All order types can be processed
  • Customer (& company) effort is minimised
  • Efficiency is increased

Logistics and Distribution
Automation is a welcome addition to any supply chain. Automation means:

  • Real-time analytics via customisable dashboards
  • Operational waste reduced
  • Customer SLAs met
  • Costly delays are avoided

Accounts Receivable
The billing and collections process has to be right. Automation means:

  • Enhanced communication with customers
  • Lost invoices prevented
  • Priorities managed
  • Positive cash flow increased
  • Customisable dashboards to keep a view on company money

Sales teams not only need to sell to customers, they need to connect with them too, but time is of the essence when using manual processes. Automation means:

  • More time thanks to instant accessibility
  • Fewer calls received due to online portal
  • Valuable customer insight gained
  • Sales teams can focus on making money

Automation is the key to uniting your organisation and improving the customer experience. Esker are experts in O2C automation. We can help your business to shed the problems that manual processes cause and unite your teams.


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