Esker Partners with oAppsNet to Strengthen P2P Integration with Oracle ERP Solutions

Esker, a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced a strategic partnership with oAppsNet Partners, a systems integrator specialising in business solutions based on Oracle applications. The partnership is focussed on providing Oracle customers with even more value and resources as they address procure-to-pay (P2P) automation through Esker.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the Oracle space, oAppsNet brings an unparalleled combination of application know-how and business experience to reinforce Esker’s integration with the Oracle solutions. oAppsNet chose to partner with Esker because of the true end-to-end experience its solutions bring to the user, providing seamless integration all the way through the ERP system.

“After our discovery of Esker, we learned that they offered solutions no other vendor on the market had and it was clear they were the best of breed in procurement and accounts payable automation,” said Rick Pollina, Managing Partner, oAppsNet. “It’s been a journey for us to actually find Esker, and we’re anxious to share with our customers because we know they’re going to love it. We can’t speak highly enough about it.”

Esker’s P2P automation solutions seamlessly integrate with Oracle’s ERP solutions, enabling companies to easily switch to paperless invoice and order processing. With paper and manual handling removed from the equation, companies can dramatically improve their workflow efficiency and staff productivity while providing full visibility and accountability from beginning to end.

Aside from their deep technology expertise with Oracle solutions, oAppsNet is customer-focussed and follows a similar agile methodology for solution implementation, which were driving factors in Esker’s decision to partner with the company.

“Our automation solutions integrate with a wide range of ERP solutions, but this partnership is focussed on reinforcing Esker’s investment in the Oracle business environment,” said Steve Smith, U.S. Chief Operating Officer, Esker. “We’re thrilled to further improve the user experience for our current Oracle customers, and we’re looking forward to an enhanced implementation process for future customers.”

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