Remote Efficiency in the Order-to-Cash Cycle

As more companies make the necessary transition to a remote workforce it becomes essential to maintain efficiency with order-to-cash (O2C) processes as well as communication with customers and suppliers.

Similarly, O2C leaders have a critical commitment to uphold — the right orders still need to get to the right customer at the right time. Furthermore, cash collection cannot cease simply because operations are now remote. Esker’s O2C solution plays a vital role enabling businesses to continue managing all customer interactions in a single platform. This is achieved through:

The harsh reality today’s companies face is simple: Satisfy customers’ needs and wants or get passed over for someone else. For this reason, supply chain staff play an important role in driving business success. With a small margin for error, automation is essential to enable fast and accurate delivery of goods while adding value by empowering customers with self-service options. Esker’s self-service customer portal enables customers to place orders, resolve disputes, etc. anytime, anywhere.

Esker Anywhere™ supports the sales order process by empowering sales reps and customers with mobile order placing and tracking capabilities for a variety of orders (e.g., replenishment, no-change, standard, etc.).

Here’s how it works:

  • Mobile users retrieve items from product catalogue or scan a barcode.
  • Product and lot number are automatically populated.
  • Subsequent scans of the same barcode increase the quantity of order.
  • From there, the order can be completed through the app.

Your O2C business processes don’t stop while you’re away. With Esker Anywhere™, business leaders can also access their most important metrics and KPIs all from the palm of their hand. Users always get the same level of information wherever they are.

Whether it’s providing a 360° view over your customers’ behaviours through customer management or improving global speed and accuracy via AI and RPA technology, Esker’s integrated end-to-end platform is the digital foundation for all your O2C needs.

  • CREDIT MANAGEMENT – Send & monitor credit apps while managing customers’ credit risks.
  • ORDER MANAGEMENT – Eliminate manual data entry by enabling automated order processing.
  • INVOICE DELIVERY – Deliver invoices according to customer preferences with 100% compliance.
  • COLLECTIONS MANAGEMENT – Reduce DSO with rule-based task lists & CRM-like data centralisation.
  • PAYMENT – Allow customers to easily & securely make their payments online.
  • CASH ALLOCATION & DEDUCTIONS – Streamline cash allocation & deductions with auto-matching & root-cause analysis.

End-to-end connectivity between all applications, enables collectors, customer service & AR managers to perform critical tasks in real time & without delays.

In every country where Esker is present, we’re equipped with the infrastructure, solutions and support to help our customers and partners effectively manage their unique working requirements and environments.

You can read more on our website, or our Order-to-Cash Solution Summary

Additionally, if you’d like to contact us to discuss your individual requirements, we’d love to hear from you.

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