Worldwide Customer Experience Event

Over the last couple of years, Esker has invested heavily in growing our global Customer Experience (CX) departments, hiring Customer Success Managers, Advocates, Ambassadors and Specialists. We have been asking all Esker employees (not just the CX team) to consider and practice the VUE (Valued, Understood, Engaged) philosophy that is Esker’s Core principles.

As the Customer Success Manager (CSM) at Esker Northern Europe, I am delighted to embark on what will be an exciting journey and pivotal role within our office here in the UK. I am now 6 months into the role and thrilled that I was able to attend the very first Worldwide CX event. Visiting our corporate head office in Lyon at the beginning of March for this event was an exciting opportunity for me to meet and engage in person with other CX Managers from our Esker offices around the world. We spent the 3 days sharing best practices, discussing the common issues and challenges that we are all facing and currently experiencing, and more importantly identifying ways we can overcome these and ultimately achieve those “Good Vibes Only”.

We had the opportunity to meet and discuss topics with Esker’s internal teams. We spent the day with the documentation team, technical and support team and the R&D teams, we discussed and challenged how we can all be involved in bringing the ultimate customer journey to life and ensure we deliver the best Customer Experience we can to our customers.

After the long days in the office, we did also manage to have a tour of the beautiful city by night…

Georgina Kershaw

Georgina is the Customer Success Manager at Esker UK. She has been part of the Esker family since 2004.

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