Good Vibes Only: My First Week at Esker

From shop floor to office. It’s quite a contrast! Last week I started my new role at Esker as an Administration Assistant. After many years of working in retail this environment is quite a change, all be it a welcome one, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

There is much to learn. Firstly, what is Esker all about? Document Process Automation, this I have learned, but what does that entail?

Throughout the week I scheduled meetings with different members of the team to help me build a picture of Esker, the individuals who work here and how my role fits in. One thing became apparent to me immediately. Esker, I’m told, is a great place to work. From speaking to various members of staff from different departments, this rings clear. The people are genuinely passionate and proud about what they do. Everyone I spoke to showed enthusiasm, belief and knowledge of the business. So, it came as no surprise to me that many members of the team are long serving and experienced employees. With such job satisfaction, why leave?

Now back to Esker. I learned Esker started out as a software vendor back in 1985 with the vision to help businesses deliver their paper documents electronically. The benefit to this I asked? Simple answer; Esker’s solutions make the job easier, saving time and paper as well as improving efficiencies.

Esker is recognised today as a leader in AI-driven process automation software with over 600,000 users worldwide, including many large and well-known companies. The growth is clear, with more than 600 employees in its 10 subsidiaries around the world, a figure that has recently increased significantly. It’s exciting to be a part of it.

So, a week in to my new job, how do I feel? Well, with a friendly and helpful team, good working atmosphere and a business that appears to be going from strength to strength, what is there not to be positive about? The potential for opportunity and expansion is motivating and refreshing. I look forward to what will hopefully be a bright and successful future with Esker. I think I will be happy here.

Laura Cook

Laura is an Administration Assistant at Esker UK. She has been part of the Esker family since 2019.

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