Strongholds – Places of Strength, Security, Power and Advantage

Ancient castles were places of refuge, might and were of critical strategic importance to rulers. Built at enormous cost, these fortresses were feats of powerful and stirring architecture. They functioned perfectly, could endure onslaughts and launch offensives to protect interests of those within their mighty walls. Conwy Castle in North Wales was such a place. It was built between 1283 and 1289 by King Edward I during his conquest of Wales.

Over the centuries, Conwy Castle played a vital role in several wars until it was deliberately ruined, or slighted, by Parliament in 1665 to prevent it from being used as a stronghold again.

Today, Conwy Castle still stands proudly, cloaked in its past and secrets, on the rock where its first stone was laid 736 years ago. It captivated artists like William Turner and inspires awe in people of all ages.

Yet, some things never change.

Business leaders also need tools to function as castles did for rulers of their day. Businesses constantly face fierce competition and encroachment from their commercial rivals. The one with the best tools and intelligence still wins the day.

Esker provides some of the best business tools available, such as, efficient, intelligent processing in the order to cash and procure to pay cycles, which are essential functions in any business. These tools, like arrows true to target, are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. With these tools, dismiss labour intensive tasks and free up staff to hunt for more market share.

AI effortlessly increases speed and accuracy by removing redundant tasks and processing errors so staff can focus on customers and suppliers. New agility comes with no granular knowledge to master, plus rapid on-boarding and improved scalability to handle new growth.

Intelligence, that gem vital to getting ahead and making the best business decisions, comes to your fingertips with analytics and tailored dashboards.

Raj Sahota

As Internal Sales Manager at Esker, Raj looks after customers and prospective customers. She has been part of the Esker family since 2011.

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