One Team Beyond Boundaries – Giving Back to the Community

I have recently qualified as a community First Responder with the Yorkshire Ambulance NHS Trust (YAS). Unfortunately for my work colleagues this does not mean I will be leaving Esker, as this is a role that I do completely in my own time. This is something that fits around my family life and means I can give something back to my local community.

I don’t get to whizz around the local roads with blue flashing lights, it’s more of a sedate drive to where I am going whilst obeying the road laws. When on call I get notified of incidents that are around 3 miles from my location, which doesn’t sound far but is much further than you’d think.

“What do you do?”, is a question I often get asked. The easy answer is get there before an ambulance and help the person in need. We only go to category 1 and 2 incidents, so an ambulance is not too far behind me. We help with heart attacks, strokes, breathing difficulties to name a few conditions. We do as much as possible to help and this extends to helping with those who are not the main focus of why we are there. I have helped the families understand what is going to happen to their loved ones, helped get a bag ready for whilst they are at hospital or simply made a drink for someone.

How does working at Esker and volunteering for YAS fit together? Well they don’t really, one is about providing an IT solution to a business and the other is about helping someone in a moment of need. However, there is one common value that both share – team work. At Esker we refer to this as “One Team Beyond Boundaries” and YAS calls it “One Team”, but they mean the same thing.

Whilst at an incident with YAS I see a lot of team work, the group of people that have assembled are there with one common goal, to help the person in need. Regardless of the qualification, everyone joins in helping, the ambulance crew often value the help of the CFR which really does embrace the “We are collaborative and inclusive” portion of the value. I have helped with care of the patient and retrieved requested equipment from the ambulance – neither might be the most glamorous of tasks, but they go a long way to helping the team.

The same sort of team work is seen at Esker. Regardless of the task we are working on, many teams drive it towards a successful closure. This is often seen when working on our pre-sales tasks. We would say “We encourage open collaboration between departments and countries.” Towards the end of our sales process the Sales Team and the Professional Services Team come together to help complete the sales process.

Rob Cooper

Rob is the Professional Services Manager at Esker UK. He has been part of the Esker family since 2016.

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