Logista Pharma Processes Orders Three Times Faster with Esker

Esker, a worldwide leader in AI-driven document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced that Logista Pharma, an independent distributor of pharmaceutical products in Spain and Portugal, has chosen Esker to automate its order management process. Esker’s AI-driven Order Management solution has enabled Logista Pharma’s customer service department to improve customer response times, reduce errors associated with manual data entry, and achieve full control and visibility over orders received via any channel.

Esker’s solution offers a series of features designed specifically for the pharmaceutical sector, including:
• Conversion of quantities ordered to formats that the laboratory offers (e.g., units, tablets, bags, etc.)
• Specific workflow for orders sent to prisons
• Order splitting by type of material: lines from the original order are grouped into a new order by destination or product type (e.g., hazardous, refrigerated, regulated, etc.)
• Automatic material mapping between SAP® system’s master data and the national code, hospital code or EAN
• Classification by customer type (e.g., hospital, wholesaler, pharmacy, etc.)
• Hospital order management: daily orders containing only a few line items
• Wholesaler order management: weekly orders with a larger number of line items
• Pharmacy order management: orders received by sales reps or the central office and forwarded by email to Logista Pharma’s customer service

Read full press release here.

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