What brings variety to my work life has significant benefits for our customers!

Working for Esker gives an amazing variety of work and gives me exposure to a range of different business processes across the Cash Conversion Cycle. We have so many different modules that allow automation for orders, supplier invoices, sales invoices, cash allocation and customer disputes. This has really been highlighted over the last month or so when it has become clear that our customers and prospective customers see real benefits from using a single platform for all of their automation needs. More about this later.

Take last Thursday as an example. Most of the morning was spent speaking about Order Management. I was working with a partner, an existing customer who was looking expand their solution footprint and a prospective customer who was looking to implement Esker for both Order Management and Accounts Payable. Further Accounts Payable demonstrations occurred in the afternoon and the day was finished off with a Cash Allocation demonstration from Rimilia, one of our partners. I questioned one of our customers as to why they chose to automate multiple processes with Esker. They gave me some interesting reasons;

  • It simplifies our IT landscape
  • Training principles are common across AR, AP and Order Management
  • It reduces the number of suppliers that we have
  • We are able to have a joined up solution across Order to Cash and Procure to Pay
  • It just makes sense!

So in summary, what makes my work activities varied and interesting gives our customers real benefit. Good for everybody!

Paul Stevens

Paul is a Business Development Manager for Esker UK. He has been part of the Esker family since 2006.

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