The thing about cold weather is…

Are you enjoying the cold weather? Whilst my children are waiting hopefully and expectantly for snow, I am looking forward to the arrival of Spring – warmer weather, green leaves and blossoming flowers.

Spring always seems a bit easier doesn’t it? – no more scraping the car or extra blankets and putting on 57 layers before you can leave the house.

Then there’s the problems that snow and ice can bring – they seem to slow things down, cause delays and generally stop things from working as well. One problem can have a knock on effect on another. Trains stop running, planes are grounded and this has a knock on effect preventing people from getting to the right place at the right time and getting things done.

It’s a bit like the supply chain. Companies simply cannot afford to have continuous supply chain problems. A problem in one area can have a serious effect on another area, causing serious consequences further down the line.

Some of the biggest challenges manual customer fulfillment teams face are inevitable human errors resulting in order repossessing and unhappy customers, poor communication between teams and departments with no central platform of communication, low customer satisfaction due to lack of transparency, no visibility for order management to be carried out effectively resulting in missed SLAs, increased costs and higher customer and employee churn.

Automated order management can solve these problems by bringing benefits such as increased speed, greater accuracy, enhanced visibility and collaboration, boosted customer satisfaction and an improved bottom line.

You can read more about this by downloading Esker’s new eBook – Digital Optimisation’s Value to the Supply Chain: The Future of Order Management.

Or alternatively, give Esker a call – we have the solutions to transform your supply chain.

In the meantime, keep warm and safe, and here’s to the arrival of warmer, sunny Spring days.

Amy Rees

As Marketing Administrator at Esker UK, Amy spends her time working on the website, writing blogs and social media content, publishing collateral and co-ordinating events. She has been part of the Esker family since 2014.

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