Industrial automation and information products provider increases productivity of order processing through AI-driven solution from Esker

Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, announces working relationship with world’s largest provider of industrial automation and information products.

With a strategy to continually strive to increase productivity in all areas of the business, the organisation decided to focus on streamlining their order process through the use of Esker’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven order processing solution.

Direct orders (the majority coming from email with the remainder from fax and mail) were seen as the main area to address first and improve through automation.

Each year 120,000 orders (which included 700,000 order lines) had to be manually entered into their SAP business system. Some limited automation was already in use but it was quickly identified that there were some possible efficiency gaps in the overall end-to-end process.

Also highlighted as a key requirement was the capability to provide multi-language support for orders being received through several different countries covering over 12,000 customers. In addition, almost 20% of these orders had queries attributed to them.

With Esker’s intelligent order processing solution implemented, the whole process could be streamlined so that the main objective of increasing productivity could be realised.

Read full press release here.

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