Going Paperless in the Food and Beverage Industry

According to the Food and Drink Federation, the food and drink industry is the biggest manufacturing sector in the country – larger than automotive and aerospace combined.

In any manufacturing sector, timing is critical, but in the food and beverage industry, speed and accuracy is paramount. Why? Because companies manufacture and distribute perishable items, and lots of them.

Delays or errors can cause waste, as well as having damaging effects on company cash and reputation.

Furthermore, industry regulations and safety requirements mean the need for visibility and control over order data to ensure compliance at all times.

Add into this an ever steadily growing market and increasing demands for production, creating further pressure on food and beverage companies to get order management right.

Esker’s eBook: Going Paperless in the Food and Beverage Industry explains both the order management issues facing the sector, and how the benefits of going 100% paperless are nothing short of transformational.

If you are part of the food and beverage sector and would like to understand more about how Esker can help your business specifically, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Amy Rees

As Marketing Administrator at Esker UK, Amy spends her time working on the website, writing blogs and social media content, publishing collateral and co-ordinating events. She has been part of the Esker family since 2014.

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