Kärcher North America Inc. Selects Esker to Automate Its Order Management Process with AI-Driven Solution

Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, announced today that it is working with Kärcher North America, the leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and consumer cleaning equipment in North America, to automate its order management process. Esker’s AI-driven Order Management solution integrates with the company’s existing SAP® system, automating tasks associated with order processing and offering a central platform for all orders and related information.

Kärcher already uses Esker to receive business documents electronically and has decided to expand on Esker’s capabilities by employing cloud-based order management for quicker, more efficient handling of customer orders. The solution will address the following concerns:

  • Growing order volume. As Kärcher has grown over the years, so has the number of orders it receives. Esker’s solution will allow staff to keep up with changes in volume by eliminating tedious data entry and storing all documents electronically for easy retrieval.
  • Priority order handling. Without differentiation of priority orders, the staff had difficulty meeting customer expectations. With Esker, separate queues allow priority orders to be handled quickly and appropriately. The solution dashboard displays the number of orders in each queue, giving staff and managers much-needed information at a glance.
  • Low employee productivity. Receiving more than 20,000 orders per month, a team of 22 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) were responsible for manually entering orders while simultaneously servicing other customer enquiries. Different teams often had to step in to help ensure all orders were entered timely. Now, Esker’s machine-learning technology will expedite order entry, reduce order backlog and free up CSRs to spend time with customers on more value-added services.

Read full press release here.

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