Walter’s Treat Box at Esker

It all started a few years ago with an Esker secret Santa gift.

Our HR Manager, a keen lover of animals, paid for one year’s adoption of a donkey named Walter from The Donkey Sanctuary.

Once the adoption year ended we just couldn’t abandon Walter and his friends. With so many donkeys continually found in a neglected state they needed our help. But what could we do?

The answer lay in the lack of choice with current charity sweetie boxes we had– so we launched ‘Walter’s Treat Box’. Apart from a well-stocked supply of goodies the box is also a good destination for goodies that need eating up before the sell-by date so food isn’t wasted at home.

Fast forward two years and the profits have now allowed us to adopt nine adorable donkeys by donating over £350 a year to help this great cause.

With all these treats we thought we’d better keep an eye on our waistlines too, so for a little added fun we’ve now got our very own weigh in for those who wish to measure exactly how generous they have been in supporting the charity!

You could say the Esker secret Santa gift snowballed to keep Walter and his friends happily rolling in the hay.

Raj Sahota

As Internal Sales Manager at Esker, Raj looks after customers and prospective customers. She has been part of the Esker family since 2011.

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