An Even Sun Tan – Like Your Fully Automated P2P

Imagine returning from holiday to find you’re beautifully tanned on the front but your back’s missed the action because you didn’t flip over.

In a sense, it’s the same thing when only half of the Purchase to Pay cycle is automated. Your accounts payable (AP) department might be slickly touchless with the AI engine whirring the supplier invoices from receipt to electronic archive, but what about what’s been missed next door in purchasing? There the spend requests go round the houses for authorisation, the mismatches of supplier invoices to PO requisitions are a constant headache, no one’s got full visibility or a handle on how the company money is spent, and no-one can answer your questions swiftly.

Or maybe accounts payable has been overlooked like your back on holiday. The supplier invoices take forever to load, code, match and process. Suppliers keep calling about their invoices, everyone wants KPI information that lives in a black hole….

Just like hitting the sunbed to fix that half-baked tan, Esker can either fix purchasing or accounts payable or go the whole hog and automate the entire P2P cycle in one go – you can then sit back and enjoy P2P efficiency without gaffs, glitches or gaps.



Raj Sahota

As Internal Sales Manager at Esker, Raj looks after customers and prospective customers. She has been part of the Esker family since 2011.

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