Esker Announces Partnership with Viveris to Meet Growing Needs of Businesses and Accelerate Delivery of Cloud Solutions

Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced its partnership with Viveris, a French-based systems integrator. This agreement will enable Esker to accelerate its solution implementation while maintaining the quality and focus given to its customers. By joining forces with Esker, Viveris expands its digital process automation offering.

As part of the partnership, Viveris is creating a skills centre to ensure the successful implementation and sales of Esker’s solutions to automate businesses’ document processes. The first Viveris consultants have already integrated Esker’s training program and are working on several customer projects.

“Our collaboration with Viveris is in line with our strategy to develop a partner network to implement and sell our solutions with their technical and functional added value,” said Emmanuel Olivier, Chief Operating Officer at Esker. “Beyond its expertise as a player in the digital transformation of businesses, Viveris shares our core values based on proximity to customers and a vision of technology based on user benefits.”

Viveris will be able to accompany companies of all sizes in their document process automation projects thanks to Esker’s solutions. By leveraging their technological and operational capabilities, as well as common values, the two companies expect to accelerate growth and actively facilitate the digital transformation of French companies.

Read full press release here.

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